Thursday, June 24, 2004

Bonds of many kinds

Miramax Books is signing Charlie Higson (never heard of 'im) to write a series featuring the teenage Bond.

The idea for the "young Bond" series originated with Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond. Ian Fleming Publications Ltd. is a partner in the deal.

The new Bond series will revolve around a crucial period in the life of James Bond: his school days at Eton College, beginning at about age 13.

Weird, and distasteful in that capitalist let's-milk-this-for-all-its-worth–hey-how-about-a-prequel kind of way, yet compelling.

I'll bet that 6-year-old kid I met at the park the other day will grow up to be Bond.

Quite by accident last night we tuned into the tribute celebrating the 2004 inductees to Canada's Walk of Fame:

Peter Fonda presented the award to John Kay (I didn't know he was Canadian) of Steppenwolf (I really have to read that some day). Rock 'n' roll, man. Born to Be Wild – Easy Rider. See the connection? Now that's a movie-moment song. Rock 'n' roll!

Denys Arcand delivered a brilliant acceptance speech, of which, sadly, I am unable to find a transcript. He talked about his father, how disappointed his father was that he wanted to devote his life to the arts. How he wished his father could see him now, sharing the stage with hockey legend Mario Lemieux — "that for him would've been an epiphany."

Ah, Canadians.

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