Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Squirrels with attitude

Consider this post a public service, for all those poor folks who arrive at this blog via their Google search for "aggressive squirrels."

Squirrels are your friends. Kind of. Posted by Hello

We stumbled across this valuable information the other day at the park. According to the signage by the kind people of the Ville de Montréal, squirrel aggression stems from overpopulation and the subsequent competition for food.

The population of squirrels in their natural habitat is kept under control by their natural predators (primarily large birds), of which there are none in the park.

There have been reports of squirrels biting people, but we're not told how many, and it's not clear if those incidents occurred in this park or elsewhere.

If you have been bitten, see a doctor.

But as J-F notes, if the squirrels are vying for your crumbs, you'd think they'd be extra nice to you.

The international symbol for No Squirrel-Feeding Posted by Hello
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