Saturday, June 05, 2004

Christmas in June

Yesterday I redeemed a gift certificate I'd received for Christmas for a massage.

I'd noticed this place before but had never been. Partly the name turned me off. Ovarium. Sounds like a new-agey fertility clinic. My best guess is that the name comes from the egg-shaped pods used for floatation baths (I go back for one of these in a couple of weeks).

It was a massage unlike any other I've ever received, this one being mainly shiatsu style, allegedly. Apparently the tension I feel is not in my muscles but in the fascia. Go figure. I'm told this is a remnant of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and general baby-holding.

It felt very much like what I think a laying on of hands should feel like. I think my internal organs were kneaded and reshaped. Apparently all my tissue fluids have been moved.

I was afraid the sense of calm and well-being would wear off quickly, but it's holding its own.

And I feel much taller.

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Anonymous said...

I remember having this ache between my shoulder blades, actually to the right of center, for about six months after my first baby and that's what they diagnosed: fascia. Unfortunately, I didn't have access to a massage so I guess I suffered, grumpily!

You're a lucky duck!