Friday, June 18, 2004


The wading pool is open and I'm very excited about this.

Helena doesn't have a clue, yet. She didn't seem to notice that the playground was unusually quiet this afternoon and that just over the fence were delighted squeals and splashes and a lot of rubber ducks.

(After play, I directly proceeded to buy Helena a swimsuit. Very chic.)

She enjoyed the calm of the playground today. One could even say she's staked a certain claim on it, established a comfort zone. And she's standing her ground.

Today she started chasing boys. They weren't bothered; in fact, I'm not sure they noticed. Helena had the time of her life. Just running after boys.

The slide tends to have traffic control problems. The ladder is often congested. The platform is a mass of confusion, toddlers moving in all directions, or just sitting there. Access to the actual slide is haphazard at best. It seems toddlers don't quite have the hang of taking turns.

Today, Helena owned that slide. She was firm, without being nasty. She would not be pushed aside. She would not be rushed. She was readying herself for a run when I think someone poked her. She turned and stared him down. She's doing it her way in her own good time.

Oh, I'm so proud.

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