Thursday, June 17, 2004

Us and them

We arrived at the playground yesterday to find it overrun by about 100 kids.

Helena was not impressed.

She climbed onto my lap. We sat and watched. For a long time, it seemed.

What kind of incompetent mother am I that my little girl isn't socialized adequately to cope with "normal" playground dynamics?

I soon realized we weren't alone. As the daycare centre kids reenacted Lord of the Flies, other park regulars (varying in age up to about 4) also sat quietly on or beside their mommies and daddies, all with the same expression on their face: "What the hell just happened here?!"

The hurricane passed, and regular play resumed.

Helena has discovered the tiny playhouse, with the built-in bench and table. A little girl stayed for a while to make chocolate cake with her pail and shovel, which Helena studied intently, and then some older boys stopped by to take Helena's order and enjoy an invisible meal.

She spent well over an hour in there. Her new office.

There are worse ways to while away the heat of the day.

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