Tuesday, September 21, 2004


The phenomenon of blogging about a matter days after it has occurred, after other people have blogged literately on the matter, and usually after the matter has ceased to have any relevance. The resulting blog post is generally lacking in insight as well as intensity, though occasionally it may boast a certain polish.

I can't believe Trump fired Bradford! Bradford's rash decision was stupid, Trump's decision to fire him on that basis was equally stupid (though Bradford's a despicable pig whom I would've taken down at the first opportunity — except maybe this one), but the very most stupendostupidest thing, for which he does, in a twist of logic, deserve to be fired, is Bradford's failure to defend his initial decision.

There, that's better.

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Anonymous said...

Wherein a new reader, bored of mundane office chores, stumbles upon a new blog with an interesting title and provides feedback, often days, weeks or even months after the expiration date of the original post.

Trump fires people solely on statistics. Because ratings are statistics, right? It may take weeks for Stacie to go - she's way too annoying to fire.