Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Daycare day 1

A half-day really. Declared a success.

Off to daycare. Posted by Hello

Apparently she got along swimmingly with all. No crying. One little boy tried to take away the toy she was playing with, but she stood firm and said, "No!" (I'm very proud of this).

J-F and I both went to retrieve her. She was happy to see us and show us around, but she would've been just as happy to stay put. (Oddly, it's J-F who's the most concerned — emotionally invested, even — over this change in our lives. Helena and I are taking it in stride.)

She fell asleep moments after we left the centre, so I'm guessing she won't have trouble adjusting to the nap schedule. The sounds of heavy construction, rerouted traffic, disgruntled bus passengers, and renovations in the downstairs apartment have not woken her.

Seeing through this transition means this week is not yet a "normal" one for me. Of course, it's a priority to ensure Helena acclimatizes to her new routine, and the new people and environs in her life. All else will fall into place.

See the attitude I have to put up with:

Wearing my shoes no less. Posted by Hello

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