Friday, September 03, 2004


This morning, Helena and I hung out at the playground, then went to feed the ducks.

We perched ourselves up on the rock. I left the stroller on the sidewalk.

Only I forgot to put the brakes on.

And it was kind of windy.

I am such an idiot.

We watched the stroller roll in slow motion as some malicious prankster ghost tipped it over the edge, into the lake. That's what I get for choosing the 11-pound model.

I was running for it before its hitting the water was an inevitability, but not fast enough. I yanked it out by its back wheel. Helena was crying, stranded on the rock. Helena's jacket, which had been slung over the handle, was drifting away. I debated walking in after it — it's not even 3-feet deep — before realizing I may as well try using the already soaking wet stroller as a grappling hook.

Why am I even telling you this?

I'm certain people were pointing and laughing.


Of course Helena at this point was much too tired to walk home, so I carried her. The stroller I pushed, and I guarantee it weighs significantly more than 11 pounds when sopping.

The stroller had needed a good hosing down anyway, but I would've planned our day differently.


Maggie said...

Brilliant story! Just think, if someone with a video camera had been nearby, being useless, you'd have a shot at some money, assuming that show is still on somewhere.

Isabella said...

What? People pay money for sheer stupidity? And they vote it into office? Why didn't anybody tell me this before I went and got me some learnin' (lot of good it's done)?