Monday, September 27, 2004

The pot

Not that you particularly care, and not that I don't feel a tad odd sharing information regarding bodily functions with the world, but this blog being the place where I note the minutiae of my life and of Helena's development for posterity (boy, will she be embarrassed!): yesterday, Helena used the potty. In an appropriate manner. Helena peed in the potty.

We only just bought a potty the other week, though I've been thinking about it for months. Helena has certainly barged in on me often enough and seemed interested in the goings on therein.

She did not like the potty the first day, nor especially being put to sit upon it. The next few days, she seemed more interested in trying to lift and move it. The last few days, she's taken to proclaiming "Poopoo!" or "Peepee!" and toddling quickly over to it; I'd help her wriggle out of her pants and diaper, wherein the contents would attest that the event was already complete.

It seems, Helena understands the theory. And yesterday, once, she was able to execute the act.

I have no idea if this is on target age/development-wise. I haven't even wanted to consider the prospect and the messes of toilet-training.

But this could be easy!

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Anonymous said...

"But this could be easy!"

Not for us, alas. Apparently boys, as a group, are slower off the mark. We have decided not to worry about it too much. Diapers or pull-ups are a lot easier to deal with than premature toilet training.

As for the being interested in what you're doing in there, I hope for your sake that H. doesn't sit on your lap when you're trying to read, like A. does. The one last place in the house where I could peacefully read, gone.