Monday, January 24, 2005

Film, opera, theatre

Game 6, Don DeLillo's first screenplay, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival:

Theatre in New York seems to exist in a world of its own with a unique community, characters, and lifestyle. (During the 1980s, this was even more the case, far from the corporate Times Square of today.) For New Yorkers, the universes of theatre and sports have always had a particular relevance, with a day-to-day effect on people's lives and a significance that gives them allegorical weight.

It's a day in the life of a playwright who skips opening night to see the historic 1986 World Series. Reminds me of the opening scenes of Underworld. See Speed of Life for some background and DeLillo-inspired art.

Elvis Costello will create an opera based on songs written by Hans Christian Andersen for Jenny Lind. The Secret Arias is scheduled to be performed in 2006.

Helena today begins "theatre" classes. Last term's "music" classes having been deemed a success, the daycare continues to expand their artistic horizons. I'm dreading the end-of-term recital — I picture a dozen 2-year-olds milling about, waiting for Godot, or someone, all wearing mismatched shoes.
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