Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I've been working like a dog. My mind is elswehere, and my heart isn't in anything.

(Did you know? Octopuses have 3 hearts.)

Things I've neglected to do lately, in no particular order, and should do today (or tomorrow — soon, anyway):

1. Have coffee, blog some (by way of this list), centre myself. Maybe I'll even smoke a cigarette.
2. Write up some invoices.
3. Apply for a real job. (Though imaginary will do if the hours are steady and the pay's alright.)
4. Clear up some bills.
5. Buy some groceries so that Helena has more to eat than applesauce and yogourt. Like she cares.
6. Sleep (just a little).
7. Teach (train?) Helena to NOT repeatedly plug and unplug the Christmas tree lights.
8. Undress and dispose of the the Christmas tree. (Undress the tree.)
9. Find a copy of Don Quixote so that I can take part in the discussion.
10. Get me some Dickens, cuz I promised myself I would.
11. Buy some expensive hair products.
12. Replace the black beret I lost.
13. Watch Helena's Blue's Clues DVD, with or without her, so I can see how these episodes end. Better without, in fact.
14. Read.

Two weeks into January, and not a single book!

My copy of this book arrived just before Christmas, and I'm dying to crack it so I can tell the world how clever Rachel is (well, she's clever regardless).

Meanwhile, Iain Pears' The Dream of Scipio stares at me accusingly. The 72 pages I have read, numerous times and in varying order, have been rather thought-provoking, commenting to me on my affect on the world.

15. Clean the kitty litter.
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