Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Autumn. It's raining. Helena's cranky. I need some time away from her.

The weather is thwarting the expedition we'd planned for today. May have to sit at home and read instead.

I finally finished reading Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan. Was compelled to pick it up after reading a review. Noir sf. Lovely, lovely prose. Dark and moody. And original. Mist falls on the city "like sheets of muslin." Clone pods are "lozenges." "The young men in silk watched us go with the dead-eyed concentration of snakes." "...a soft silk blouse settling over her torso like dark water." Beautiful. Plus violence and sex retold so graphically as to elicit sharp intakes of breath.

Cool concepts, too. It's a very coherent future world, with histories, technologies, mythologies, revolutions, countercultures hinted at. Much fodder for more books from Morgan. I hope.

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