Monday, November 17, 2003

The blogosphere

It is a small blogworld after all.

Jennifer Howard in Sunday's Washington Post writes:

"What began as the ultimate outsider activity -- a way to break the newspaper and TV stranglehold on the gathering and dissemination of information -- is turning into the same insider's game played by the old establishment media the bloggerati love to critique. The more blogs you read and the more often you read them, the more obvious it is: They've fallen in love with themselves, each other and the beauty of what they're creating. The cult of media celebrity hasn't been broken by the Internet's democratic tendencies; it's just found new enabling technology."

Every blogger Howard mentions has already blogged on this article. And they do seem every bit the Old Blogs' Club.

I'm glad to be introduced to Bookslut (as I continue to refine my blog circuit and my link list). But I'm generally weirded out about how tight-knit this community seems to be.

How do they all find the time to read each other every day? And how is a newcomer to make a mark?

1. Voice.
2. Audience.
3. More hours in a day.

Blog. Blogger. (Bloggee?) To blog. Blogosphere. Bloggerati. Blogarazzi. Blog-stalkers. Blogarama. Blog, blog, blog...

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