Tuesday, February 01, 2005

You don't deke Margaret

Margaret Atwood doesn't think of herself as a poet or novelist. Deep down, she sees herself as a goalie. "As in the world of literature, sometimes hockey's not pretty."

Atwood offered a celebrity tip on Rick Mercer's Monday Report last night (video clip available temporarily).

"As the late Robertson Davies once told me, 'Peggy, a good goalie anticipates play; a great goalie influences play.'"

Might we say the same about our novelists?

If you're suffering withdrawal, or are trying to understand someone who is suffering withdrawal, Rick Mercer also explains What the Hell Happened to Hockey and How to Save Our Season. "It turns out that people who live in the desert don't like watching hockey; they'd rather shoot rats at the dump."

Hockey at the movies: quiz.

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SC&A said...

I love it- I really, really do. Great association.