Sunday, May 08, 2005

What I've been up to

1. Work. What timing for so much work to land in my lap earlier this week! Of course, it's work I'd previously committed to, and which is seriously behind schedule, and I'd been hoping it would be another two weeks behind schedule so we could get this whole buying a condo thing and moving into it out of the way, but no. I've been working late into the night even. But it's almost done now.

2. Procrastinating. Mostly during the day, leaving the late-night hours free for work. Sadly, I've resorted to playing solitaire. Procrastination by blogging would leave far too much tangible evidence of my lack of discipline (and my vulnerable psyche couldn't handle the guilt of that just now), as would reading anything of interest, as that would no doubt lead to inspired blogging.

3. Packing. But slowly. I'm averaging about a box a day. I haven't even packed the easy stuff (books!) yet. I don't even want to think about it, much less do it. And what the hell am I supposed to do with video cassette tapes? Or audio cassette tapes for that matter? Preserve boxes of things I don't use? Putting them out on the curb seems so rash.

4. Composing blog entries in my head. Just in case I felt I could allow myself the time to put it all down. But generally feeling uninspired. I do still have things to say about Mothers' Day, my mother and how we're so very different, the kid and how we seem to constantly engage in a battle of wills, Bambi, the movie Sideways, and the ants that are freaking me out. These thoughts may or may not materialize in this space in the hours or days ahead. Feel lucky that my rants on how I've yet to see the first 15 minutes of a Doctor Who episode because Helena knows it's the only night I actually care about where I am at 8:00 and on how nobody offers me a seat on the metro or bus while Helena insists I carry her have come and gone.

5. Missing a cousin's wedding in Chicago this weekend. I so badly wanted to be there, but then we went and bought this stupid condo, so time and money are a little short right now. To be honest, I don't know her very well, or many of my other cousins, but we do have a strong family bond — the rare occasions we find ourselves together (weddings and funerals) there's deep satisfaction, if not joy and enlightenment, in finding ourselves in each other's company. All of us. I mean, we're family. And among the cousins the opportunities for weddings are pretty much exhausted. So that leaves funerals, which one can't really plan in advance and aren't nearly as much fun. Sigh.


Ann D said...

It sounds like things have been hopping at Chez Octopus. I am hugely behind at home/work, so I will keep you company in the insanity zone.

Ann D said...

BTW -- I forgot to sign off my my signature so you'd know which Ann it was.

Ann D
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