Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Yesterday evening we enjoyed cocktails with a couple hundred other people in celebration of the return of Michel Risque, "l'un des héros mythique de la bande dessinée québécoise."

The book launch of the reissue of Les Aventures de Michel Risque: Le Savon maléfique, by Réal Godbout and Pierre Fournier (J-F's uncle), from Les Éditions de la Pastèque, was part of BD Montreal, the first ever comic strip component of the Just for Laughs festival, in association with L’Association Bande Dessinée and the Salon du Livre de Montréal.

We have our autographed copy, and I'll be making my best efforts to read the damn thing — it's in the family, after all — though the colloquial language will prove a challenge for me.

Here's a quiz by which I can gauge my comprehension. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I translated the title to myself (based on Spanish cognates, because I don't actually know French) and thought "That can't be right!" Then I saw the cover, with the guy slipping on the soap, and realized I WAS right!

The art looks nice and lively. I'm seeing Tintin homage everywhere. I assume that's intended. Wish I did know some French! ("Bande dessinée" is one of the few phrases I know, if you can imagine!)

Anonymous said...

Oh this is just delightful. I'd love to mention it on the collaborative blog I'm a part of, DRAWN!

You wouldn't happen to know if there is a web site on line that has info on these guys in English, would you?

Isabella K said...

The Canadian Library and Archives has a bio of Pierre and profile of another character of his, as well as an overview of the Quebec scene.

Both artists have brief entries in Comiclopedia. Their collaboration also produced Red Ketchup (profiled in English).

That's it in English, but I'll ask around.

Please don't tell my in-laws I've never read Tintin.

Anonymous said...

Merci, Isabella!