Saturday, October 01, 2005

The mystery of heat

Mystery the first:
How is it that, although all known thermostats are still set to zero, the two baseboard electric heaters in the dining room radiate warmth?

Mystery the second:
How is that there is a thermostat in the main bathroom, but no heat source is in evidence?


Anonymous said...

Does the thermostat in the bathroom control the electric heater in the dining room?

:-) I love a good mystery.

Let us know if you figure these out.

Is it very cold in Montreal? We've had to put our furnace on this past week here in our part of Ontario.

Isabella K said...

It did occur to me that the bathroom thermostat might control the dining room heaters, but it too was set at zero...

It was a lovely warm weekend, but the preceding days had been cool enough to think about turning the heat on. I opted for sweaters and blankets instead.