Friday, July 28, 2006

Went fishing

The Dora fishing rod (Zebco) actually works. I caught 2 fish with it last weekend.

It's been a favourite toy of Helena's since she received it at Christmas, but the tedium of the real-life conditions of fishing, after the delight of live bait waned, outweighed her capacity for patience. She fell asleep, hatted and lifejacketed, in a corner of the pontoon, and so did not witness what Dora would yield forth.

She'd anticipated our cottage weekend for days, and on arriving she was in nonstop-go-go-go mode to see all the water, trees, fish, frogs, bugs, and loons; we played pirates, marching on and off boats, yo-ho-hoing, stepping inside the cottage only to pillage and plunder her grandmother's grapes. I'd been worried about Helena's reaction to the realization that this was a short trip, less than 24 hours. But after a full afternoon's excietment and a late night, she woke up wanting to go home. So we did.

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Anonymous said...

I think the Dora model is a favorite among those fishing show hosts. The illustrated reel gives hours of enjoyment when the fish aren't biting.