Thursday, October 05, 2006

Reading group project the next

Goodbye, Tolstoy; hello, Stendhal!

The Red and the Black.

Discussion to begin in November and carry into the new year. Pace will be relatively slow, to accommodate my late-November vacation, Christmas preparations and festivities, and the fact that I will be attempting to read it in French.

Register your interest here, or there, or by email. I'll be setting up contributers and updating the group blog with Stendhal-appropriate links and resources over the coming weeks.


Suzanne said...

Wow, you don't take the easy way out!

Mental multivitamin said...

I picked up my copy this afternoon. Here's hoping I can finish in time for the discussion.


litlove said...

One of the best endings in the history of literature. You also have to ask yourself which of the heroines you would rather be: Mme Renan or Matilde de la Mole. Enjoy it!