Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Unquestionably happy

My mother was unquestionably happy. Her bright, creative spirit, overflowing with love for mankind, floated and soared above us all, though she often said that "happiness — is when there's so much to do there's no time to think."

— from Bro, first book of Ice Trilogy, by Vladimir Sorokin.

I'm in a bit of reading funk lately, and I'm acquiring books (including Sorokin's Ice Trilogy) that I feel I'm not yet at liberty to read — there's the kid's project I have to monitor, and I have my own project going on, and taxes still to file, and work, and. I have been reading Where Tigers Are at Home, by Jean-Marie Blas de Robl├Ęs, but it's dense, and long (and I've been reading it on my phone, for some strange reason, and that feels all wrong, yet I persist).

I have time to neither read nor think, and I'm not happy about it, Mr Sorokin.

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