Tuesday, April 08, 2014

I am resplendent in divergence

The end is the best part. After the stop. I love the end. Sometimes I start chanting that bit spontaneously. "I am resplendent in divergence." It's a holy thing.

I've been looking for this song forever, because upon a time I owned it, on vinyl, and I think of it often, every time I encounter a new ism. Surely my vast knowledge of isms can be traced back to this song. I learned more isms than any 12-year-old ought to know. I developed a weird interest in the Great Schism, and also the teachings of Nestorius. I think solipsism may still be my favourite, though, because it was my first.

Sometimes when I hear bells, I say, out loud, "Bells! I can hear bells!"

Nobody ever gets the reference, though, with my chanting, or the bells, or the diction of various isms.

Having seen Divergent this weekend with my daughter, I am now, of course, resplendent in it.

Thank you, Internet, for restoring this divergence to me.


Unknown said...

Every once in a while, while sitting in traffic or in a city square,I am living a very small bit of parallel life with her.
Thank you Isabella. Next time we'll be resplendent together at antipodes.

Isabella K said...

Finally! Somebody who understands me!

Robert Bush said...

Me too! That song pops up ever so often since 30 years back :-D

Mike Doyle said...

LOL. I just Googled "Resplendent in Divergence", Google informed me that is a title of a song by William Covert from his 2019 album Music for Synthesizer and Drums, gave gave me a link that sent me here. ROFL! This is "Under Heavy Manners", written by Robert Fripp and performed by Fripp using his tape loops he called Frippertronics, and David Byrne, then of the talking Heads. It's on Fripp's 1980 album "God Save the Queen/Under Heavy Manners". I'm telling you, all of you, this, if my comment is in fact ever read by any of you, because surely, all of you know the who, when and when of this song and just might be slightly amused. LOL