Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Make it stop

Helena has a fever. It's been 8 days since her measles/mumps/rubella vaccination. The information sheet states that the child may have fever (and "non-contagious redness") between the 5th and the 12th day. Right on schedule.

For the most part, Helena is her usual cheery, chatty, active self today. Except for the numerous unforeseen and unconsolable bursts of crankiness. And the lack of interest in all foods other than cheese.

For the rest, she doesn't stop. The Megabloks are in the kitchen cupboard. The tupperware has been moved to the other cupboard. The CDs have been rearranged, in I don't know what order, but I know it ain't alphabetical. The kitchen chairs, now her main mode of transport (pushed along walker-style), are everywhere but the kitchen. The cats flee for their lives. Post-it flags adorn all the furniture. And her books. I guess she sees me do that.

I have been working diligently. I am fully confident in my newly acquired knowledge of facial reconstruction. I could do it, in an emergency, like if we're stuck in an elevator or something.

And my newest skill, ignoring the mess my baby makes, is being enjoyed to the fullest.

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