Thursday, January 29, 2004

Timing is everything

Yesterday, Helena became a one-nap-a-day baby. It was bound to happen sooner or later, but I kept hoping for later.

This means not only less sleep for her (and less quiet time for mommy), but a tad more crankiness. It seems that she's still a bit tired and fighting it, but she doesn't quite know what else to do with her extra time. Neither do I. Ack. This is going to take a bit of adjustment for both of us.

That also makes two days in a row where she's literally fallen asleep in the middle of lunch.

Along with the new sleep pattern, Helena's exhibiting some new weird behaviour. She'll lie down anywhere, for no apparent reason. Sometimes to flail about, sometimes to just really feel the floor. Lie down in the kitchen and kick the refrigerator. Lie down in front of the balcony door and stare up at the ceiling (sky?). Lie down under the coffee table.

Also noteworthy was yesterday evening's standing — unaided, prolonged, and deliberate. And with one hand in mine, and the other hand in J-F's, we walked steadily across the living room. It's like she's a real little girl, holding our hand to cross the street or something. Any day now, she's going to stand up and assuredly walk from here to there, just like that.

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