Thursday, January 22, 2004

A new day

Thirty hours plus of fever hovering at 103°F, one sleepless night, constant vigilance, worry like I've never worried before. Yesterday was miserable; though Helena still had some smiles and giggles, even a dance, in her, they weren't quite right — they weren't her. But she slept through last night, her temperature returned to normal by morning. Her appetite is not back in full force yet. The sparkle of fever in her eyes has been replaced with a weariness. But it's over.

I commend the people at InfoSanté CLSC for being well informed, reassuring, and authoritative in their approach.

A word on ear thermometers: Though they're said to be not very accurate, they're fast. They're a godsend. Accuracy is overrated at times (ssshhhh, don't tell my clients). Knowing how it measures her baseline temperature, I can gauge all readings relative to each other.

Fever aside, one of yesterday's biggest disappointments was that Teletubbies is no longer carried by our local PBS station. I'm not sure it's quite sunken in with Helena yet.

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