Friday, January 09, 2004

Poetry in motion

Regarding the vaseline incident, under no circumstances are you to scold me for 1) leaving my child unattended, because although my back was turned while I was absorbed in processing her diaper laundry, she was in fact within 7 feet of me at all times; 2) storing a tub of vaseline within child's reach, because a week ago it wasn't; or 3) even having vaseline with the intention of using it on my baby even though these days all parenting authorities strongly discourage its use because it hinders the absorption of vitamin D or something stupid like that, because that's just silly.

I liked the article in the Washington Post this week about raising girls to succeed in science.

"Help girls get past the "yuck" factor. Science is messy, so put aside your desire for clean girls and surfaces. Girls who are afraid of getting dirty aren't born that way -- they're made....Encourage them to get good and grubby: to dig in a riverbed, change a tire or explore an engine. Let them learn they have a right to be themselves."

The best part is that when she does get grimy, instead of acting contrite for my neglect and laziness I can now proudly say it's all in the name of Science.

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