Monday, January 05, 2004

Small talk

Q. How long can people talk about how tall their siblings are?
A. At least 20 minutes.

Q. How long can people gossip about people you don't know?
A. All afternoon.

It seems Christmas never ends. We've been enjoying yet more Christmas cheer with even more family and friends, in Laval and Ottawa respectively.

We're of that age when a good number of friends have started families. And so we visited with some families this weekend. One couple has a 4-year-old girl and 11-month-old boy. Another couple has a little girl, almost 3.

Helena gets on pretty well with people her own size, and her behaviour was near impeccable, apart from trying to use the toy hammer on Nicholas's head. Helena went on to occupy herself in exploring our friends' kitchen drawers — I don't think they minded too much.

Sadly, now that there are children, among friends that has become the only (at least primary) perceived point in common. Conversations revolve around developmental milestones, and discussions about, say, current events are relegated to that nebulous yet artificially constructed "adult time," when the kids have gone to bed. Sigh. Already my resolution to improve my conversational skills has been thwarted.

Helena's been a trooper and a sweetheart, enduring long drives, forgoing naps, and throwing scheduled meals to the wind. My heart brims with pride at her easy-going nature. Her nights have been restless, but I can't blame her after thrusting such full days upon her.

Anyway, life is returning to more or less normal today. I think Helena senses it and is resuming her usual daily "routine" with glee.

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