Thursday, January 29, 2004

Use your imagination

We watched Sesame Street together this morning. Elmo interviewed Robert De Niro about his profession, and Robert De Niro explained that acting was using your imagination to pretend you're something else. Then he gave some examples. He pretended to be a dog. "Woof, woof." And then he pretended to be a cabbage. Cut scene to show a muppet-cabbage sitting on Robert De Niro's stool, and Robert De Niro's voice saying "Look at me, I'm a cabbage — an excellent source of riboflavin." Very surreal. I laughed hysterically. Helena just looked at me; I guess she didn't get it.

I was surprised that Maud Newton found news of Boohbah to be blog-worthy. Of course, this is the show that's taken the Teletubbies' timeslot. The Boohbahs are rounder and fluffier than the Teletubbies, with an updated colour palette and an electronic soundtrack. Picture the Teletubbies at a rave. I haven't decided yet how I feel about them. The Teletubbies seem so charming and sane and sensible by comparison.

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