Wednesday, January 14, 2004

To the moon

GW Bush is expected to announce a push for travel to the moon this afternoon, granting a 5% increase in the NASA budget. Going to the moon is considered "good practice" for travelling to Mars.

This appears to be a positive development, hoping to inspire a fervour similar to that seen in the 1960s' space race. The focus on exploration will undoubtedly ignite the imaginations of voters. (Hear experts argue the politics.)

However, it comes at a cost: cutting back on the space shuttle and space station programs. The financial boost to the moon will largely come from existing monies. Of course, after last year's space shuttle tragedy, not many will mourn abandoning the dangers of those missions. Meanwhile, any current science in progress aboard the space station will have to rely on private corporate backing.

One small step for GW Bush, one giant step backward for mankind (and space aliens everywhere).

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