Tuesday, January 13, 2004


There's been a lot of work (of the paying variety) over the last week, and there's more to come, any minute now. This is good, although I'm a bit resentful that the book-shopping day I'd planned has had to be postponed indefinitely. I'm craving a couple hours in a bookstore, to wander aimlessly, browse bargain bins, sample those novels I've been wanting for months, make discoveries too I hope, treat myself to cappuccino, and spend my Christmas monies and accumulated coupons.

I can't wait.

Helena's been super. Sunday I'd popped out to the store around the corner. When I came back J-F was all agog, but trying desperately to contain himself, saying "I guess you see her do this all the time and it's no big deal." It turns out the little scamp can climb up into our old, low-to-the-ground Ikea "armchair," and just sits there, lounging comfortably and laughing. Then she turns herself around and slips down to the floor. Not bad for a kid who can't even walk yet!

She's spending quite a bit of time with her xylophone these days. It puts such a smile on my heart. She's actually playing it the way it was intended.

We took Helena for her 12-month vaccination yesterday (a little late, I guess). Two shots. There was much glaring directed at the nurse. No reactions are evident, though if the other immunization events to date are any indication, she'll be sleeping a lot today. That's OK with me.

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