Sunday, February 22, 2004

The boring details of my weekend

Friday evening we headed to the mall for reasons I won't get into here, but I am so very excited about the black turtleneck sweater I bought for my baby for $3.44, tax included. I guess not many people buy black turtlenecks for their babies, which accounts for the sale. I can't wait for the crisp of autumn (the sweater's still a bit big) when Helena and I will head out to the cafĂ© in our matching outfits — jeans and a black turtleneck. Now if only I can find her a beret.

We visited friends yesterday: an old coworker of J-F's, his wife and kids. Helena befriended the three-and-a-half-year-old girl; we were all pleased to meet the five-month-old boy. The day passed sweetly, too quickly, mostly uneventfully. Bridget was rather excited, and a bit excitable, and at one point Helena fended her off — I guess Bridget was too much in Helena's space. Later Helena stuck her whole hand in someone's glass of red wine. Her expression was one of displeasure — I'm not sure if that's cuz she'd licked her hand or just cuz of the feeling of wet.

They're good people. And we feasted on barbecued meats. The only thing better than barbecue in the sizzle of summer is barbecue in the snow.

It was a long day for Helena and with no afternoon nap. (And she seemed to be snacking all day long.) She had a couple outbursts but was mostly of a pleasant disposition. Helena's a good egg. (I love that expression. I should use it more often.) Everybody likes Helena.

Good egg.

Today marks the start of Freedom to Read Week. I'd like to enjoy the freedom to read something this week. (I'm almost finished American Gods, by Neil Gaiman, but more on this when I make it to the end. I suppose lots of people of a certain kind could find this novel full of the sort of objectionable things they would rather not let people read about.) I continue to be shocked! outraged! incensed! that books — most harmless, many provocative and inspired — are being banned. It makes me sad even when the book is kind of boring and stupid, or just unimportant. I guess I should find some examples of that, huh. But really, Where's Waldo??

So far, today, my family is doing a lot of sleeping. It's a good day for that. I shall bore you no further.

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