Friday, February 27, 2004

My weeping heart

(Weeping about many different issues simultaneously.)

Helena has not been happy this week. Rather, she has been happy, but she has also been extremely miserable. There's diarrhea. And yesterday I thought I caught a glint of white in the dark recesses (lower left) where a molar is someday to be.

Her appetite, or at least her eating patterns, is in flux. I thought she wasn't hungry, but it turns out she really wanted to feed herself, so lunch takes about an hour.

This morning, after having dropped her at the mother-in-law's so we can enjoy a romantic getaway of a weekend in Quebec City, it's been reported to us that there's a pus-y discharge from her eye. I'm going to try not to worry.

And I've been working. (Note how the number of blog entries earlier this week directly corresponds to my capacity for procrastination.)

I took a phone call from a client the other day and Helena was screaming the whole time. The incident has me extremely upset. Fortunately, I have a healthy relationship with this client; I don't think it's a big deal. I deperately want to explain, though, to the client and to the world, that Helena's rarely like that. But I'm angry, too. I know clients realize I work from home and therefore set my own hours and conditions, yet I feel that if the phone rings I should be "on." On the clock. On the ball. Not have a wailing infant in my arms. I'm really upset. I guess I have to rethink some things. Again.

The Passion is finally out, to mixed reviews. Charlie Rose the other night had Christopher Hitchens, among others, calling it the Jesus Chainsaw Massacre. I'm dead curious to see it with my own eyes, but I have serious reservations about contributing financially to Mel Gibson and his weird sect. We'll see which forces within me win out.

I particularly like the joke about Donald Trump firing Pontius Pilate.

Did I not read somewhere that the use of Latin in the movie is historically inaccurate? That Greek would've been the lingua franca of politics and "diplomacy"? Nobody seems to think that's an issue (just another detail that calls into question the accuracy of the interpretation). Maybe I dreamt it. I wonder...

Be careful of what your government is voting on:

The real aim of the legislation is to undermine abortion rights by giving the unborn the same legal rights as the born. They charge that abortion politics was taking precedence over the need to protect abused women.

Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-N.Y., said it would affect a woman's reproductive rights. It "is not about women and it is not about children. It's about politics."

According to Maud Newton's site, there's more on the semicolon issue, and there's an octopus making it's way around New York City.

And I really feel for Mimi this week, what with battling "the Great Drifting Alienated Orb Of Adulthood (see ill-conceived metaphor here)." Maybe I should write to her.

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