Monday, December 05, 2005


Helena's been sick all weekend and is home with me today. Fever and a cold. Her voice is raspy. She's been napping less than usual but is in remarkably good spirits.

One of Helena's favourite games is "naptime," where we take turns tucking each other in, preparing bottles or changing diapers or otherwise fussing over each other.

Here's one of the stories she "read" to me this weekend (which book doesn't have many illustrations):

Il etait une fois Winnie-the-Pooh. Ici, c'est Winnie-the-Pooh. Tout a coup . . . [dramatic pause while turning the page] . . .
c'est Eeyore.
Tourne the page . . . et patapouf!
C'est fini.


Marisa said...

Sounds like a page-turner. I especially like the patapouf!

Discovered while over at Michele's. Will definitely be back on my own. Pourquoi pas?

Heather said...

Hi. I'm visiting from Michele's alphabet blogroll game. :) I love how much fun toddlers make the simplest activities.

Anonymous said...

I've not seen "patapouf" before, and I really love the sound of it. Is that Helena's own word, or the French equivalent of poof, or...?

Isabella K said...

"Patapouf" is a "word" we came across in one of Helena's favourite books. It was used to mean something like poof! or voila! or maybe ta-dah! She really latched on to this exclamation, and I don't blame her.