Friday, December 16, 2005

More snow than you can shake a stick at

How the snow stormed down on us this morning! But our little family braved the elements (well, our vehicle did) and made it safely and on time for Helena's music-course end-of-term extravaganza — and what a spectacle!

As has been her practice for the last couple weeks when I drop her off, as soon as we cross the threshold of her classroom, Helena ducks under my coat. This schtick has been a real hit with her classmates. Before you can say "Helena, get out of there," my caboose has attached to it a 5-toddler train.

Music class itself is chaos. This year at least it's billed as something of a parent-participation special workshop event, not a "recital." We sing a couple songs, bang out some rhythms with various percussive instruments, and dance. That is, the grown-ups do. The kids hide in the bathroom, show off their shoes to each other, bark like dogs, meow like kittens, and butt heads like mountain goats. Toward the end of the dance segment, Helena inspires the lot of them to treat me as a maypole.

J-F and I are surprised to find that we're the only parents there (though there were a few absentees due to snow). This puts my mind at ease, finally, regarding the theatre fiasco of last spring. The irony of our being in attendance is that Helena spends most of the half-hour attached to my leg and not participating at all.

At the end of "class," they each receive a sticker on their record of participation, for which there is more enthusiasm than any thus far mustered, and spirited discussion regarding who has which different stickers follows.

And then I go Christmas shopping! And I buy a few things! I feel in control again — see, I just needed to write it down to help it sort itself out — this Christmas thing, certainly the shopping part, isn't so hard! I'm inspired! I know what to get for people! And the best part is I stop at a food court for lunch and have a shawarma — I've been craving one for weeks, and it's so much better after having had to wait for it — delicious!

The snow has stopped. Some people in the neighbourhood may have trouble finding their cars.

My angel enjoys hot chocolate after a busy day.


Suzanne said...

That's a lot of snow! We had a "storm" (which wasn't very impressive as storms go) but nobody became snowed in. Certainly, nobody has to dig to find a car.

I had the same sense of panic for a little bit, too, about hosting so many people but I decided to spread the company out over several days. Much better.

Anyway, have a good holiday!

Anonymous said...

I miss the snow at Christmas time! I grew up where there was snow, but now I live where a dry season and a rainy season constitutes our weather. Helena's recital sounds like every toddler event I've ever been to, meaning loud, adorable and chaotic. I'm glad things are feeling more manageable! And you have a whole week left, too.

Suzanne said...

Snow like that is so beautiful to look at, less delightful in person. So thanks for sharing the photos!

I love the picture of Helena -- she looks so contemplative and thoughtful.

Elizabeth said...

I like the condos. I don't know why, but I thought you'd moved into a newer complex. These look charming. But are they of the "old-look new" variety?

Anonymous said...

All of that snow, all of the cold and frustration .... it's worth it just to see the expression on Helena's face as she enjoys her hot chocolate.