Monday, October 20, 2003

Eleven months old

Helena is increasingly mobile. She pulls books off shelves. I put them back. She pulls them off again. I put them back, moving some to a safe location. She pulls the knob off the stereo (I'd never tried to remove the knob, but I didn't think it was that easy). She gets her fingers caught in the VCR frontload flap. She pulls CDs off the shelves. I put them back. She pulls them off again. She snaps off the little plastic tabs that grip the CD hole. She removes the inserts and gets her grimy little fingers all over some of the CDs. (How'd they get so grimy?) She seems to favour the Beethoven and Schubert string trios. I've listened to that disc now more in the last week than in the whole of the eight years I've owned it.

She's fast. Now I know what it is to have to watch out for them. If I let her out of my sight, she crawl-hobbles to hug one of the cats. But who knows where this could lead?

Haven't decided about how to deal with "stuff" -- books, CDs, magazines, etc. I refuse to be one of those parents who moves all belongings behind locked doors or above reach, but I understand it now.

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