Thursday, October 02, 2003

I'm positive I heard a report on CBC radio yesterday morning regarding the return of Iraqi children to school. Although it was a day much anticipated, there was some question as to how "rebuilding" funds allotted to education were being spent. Buildings had not been swept, let alone painted or repaired. Toilets weren't working. (The U.S. firm contracted to do repairs had made one evaluation visit, months ago.) Teachers had received no guidance regarding a new curriculum. Much-promised new textbooks were nowhere to be seen.

Was curious how CNN would spin the story. Saw one clip yesterday evening — a feel-good story that Iraqi children were returning to Saddam-free schools. No troubles reported. Thousands of new math and science textbooks were being published.

Why republish math and science texts? Could they really have been so propaganda-filled or behind the times? Or is it just to exclude the portrait and preface of the ex-leader? What a waste of money... A lovely sentiment, but pay a few kids to rip out the pages instead.

I've been unable to find any reference to either of these stories on the web.

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