Wednesday, October 22, 2003


Every day, more evidence that I am not alone. In fact, I'm effortlessly riding the wave. Gen Xers are having babies. And after a decade of a hip, going-nowhere life laden with irony, it's very cool.

Nor am I the first to want to write/talk/think about it. This too is a massive trend.

And, suddenly, like every other Gen X mom, my life has meaning and direction and is imbued with self-worth.

"Generation X moms may want to work only one day a week, but they still think of themselves as career women. They do not think of such arrangements as 'a privilege.' They just expect it."

Hey, that's me. And most every other mom I know. Cuz we're cool to be moms, and good at it too, but this does not form the basis of our identity — we're well-rounded individuals with careers and interests outside of motherhood.

Evidence how this blog came to be. Mommyhood is so layered and fascinating, it cries out to be novelized, serialized, hand-inspected, sliced open, scrutinized, celebrated, laughed about, shaken up. The world needs to know about this. Why didn't anybody tell us this ten years ago?

I don't understand the demand for how-to parenting books. One article suggested that the stack of books at our bedside is a direct result of no longer having grandmothers, so to speak.

Worse, who subscribes to parenting magazines? Why?

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