Friday, October 31, 2003

Finding a voice

Camille Paglia says she isn't a fan of blogs:

"Blog reading for me is like going down to the cellar amid shelves and shelves of musty books that you're condemned to turn the pages of. Bad prose, endless reams of bad prose! There's a lack of discipline, a feeling that anything that crosses one's mind is important or interesting to others. People say that the best part about writing a blog is that there's no editing -- it's free speech without institutional control. Well, sure, but writing isn't masturbation -- you've got to self-edit."

She goes on to complain about most bloggers trying to flaunt their sharp political insight. So there's one thing I shouldn't be doing. Too many media junkies with soap boxes already. Besides, I don't follow most news, nor do I have relevant insight.

I can write about being a mom and watching my baby grow. I think that's kind of neat, but I still need some of that elusive insight, or this whole project will slide into that emotional cesspool of The Confessional.

Though it may take me a few months to actually find that quiet voice inside me, in the meantime I'm messing with the blog template. I hope to soon establish and organize some useful links (useful to me. Is it ever a non-solipsistic universe?). And I'm working again. Aaurgh.

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