Saturday, April 17, 2004


Not many people are worthy of an apprentice. Oprah could have an apprentice, but she'd likely take the responsibility too seriously. Martha Stewart's out of the running. Jamie Oliver maybe. Bill Gates? How about a newspaper mogul? Know any sorcerors?

You need an empire to have an apprentice. Frankly, there aren't many emperors out there, certainly not likeable ones. It would take a special someone to match The Donald for drawing a television audience.

I'm glad Bill won. Maybe when his contract is up he could have his own apprentice.

(Bill's salary, by the way, is being paid by NBC, not by Trump. According to something I read somewhere.)

(Was there a consolation prize? Maybe Kwame could run Iraq.)

I love the premise of The Apprentice. It's everything realilty tv can be. I'm glad a second season is in the works. But I'd like to see something a little different now — not just different contestants, but a different mentor, different tasks, a different lifestyle at stake.

I'd love to see a couple dozen people vying to land a job at a top New York publishing house, complete with $22,000 annual salary, by completing tasks such as photocopying manuscripts and refilling staplers. It's not easy.

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