Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Unfortunate event

Cup of Chicha points to commentary on the Lemony Snicket movie trailer.

I, too, am giddy with anticipation.

The egregious miscasting of Jim Carrey as Count Olaf looks to be every bit as ruinous as I feared. Judging by this 1-minute TV spot, he's playing it like, well, Jim Carrey, with all the eyebrow-wiggling, face-clenching, spazzified awfulness that generally entails. Olaf is not meant to be camp. Sure, a bit of melodramatic flair wouldn't go amiss, but above all he should be somber, sinister, and genuinely creepy. The series' mordant wit can't possibly translate effectively to screen with this spastic monkey prancing about, crooning "Look at me! I'm Jim Carrey!" They needed somebody who could play it straight — Christopher Walken maybe, or Crispin Glover (god, he'd be perfect).

She's right — Crispin Glover would've been perfect. But Sunny looks great!


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