Friday, April 02, 2004

French passion

French passion is world's away from Mel Gibson's Passion.

Contrary to popular opinion, the French are not sadistic voyeurs.

Salon directed me to the BBC's piece on how the film is doing in France:

Most French critics were unimpressed, however. Catholic newspaper La Croix said violence in the film's graphic depiction of Christ's last hours worked against its intended message.

"Sadism and voyeurism" were no substitutes for Christian teaching it said.

Newspaper Le Monde said the film's message was "part of the worst fundamentalist trends of the modern world" while the Communist l'Humanite judged the 127-minute movie "incredibly boring."

I have no stats or sources other than word-of-mouth, but I hear The Passion is a flop here in Quebec, as well.

Kind of puts the "French Catholic" in perspective.

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