Friday, April 16, 2004

Lucidity at last

News on one of my favourite authors!:

Jose Saramago and the Portuguese government have kissed and made up. Well, they lunched.

"I think you never should never, from a political point of view, try to condition creative expression," said Durao Barroso, adding he had read most of Saramago's books.

"It is my duty as prime minister to highlight what is great in Portugal and Jose Saramago is one of the great names in Portuguese literature who will be studied for years if not centuries to come," he added.

The article also indicates that a new novel, Essay on Lucidity, has recently been released in Portuguese.

I'm still awaiting the release later this year of The Double in English. The description bears an eery resemblance to Paul Auster's Ghosts, which I recently reread.

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