Friday, January 21, 2005

La vie en verte

Alberto Manguel in the new issue of Geist expands the proposition that nations might be defined or understood through their emblematic children’s books:

Every civilization, even the most tyrannical, has its defining book, a legend or fairy tale that in times of conflict becomes cautionary. For Alexander’s Greece it was the Iliad, for the German Reich, the Götterdämmerung of the old sagas, via Wagner, for Thatcherite Britain, the nostalgic epics of Tolkien. It may be that for America today, that book is The Wizard of Oz.

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Mental multivitamin said...

Have you read Manguel's A Reading Diary or A History of Reading? Wonderful stuff.

Fellow reader, this entry of ours might interest you:

Also, many thanks for throwing us your support as the BoB awards drew to a close. It's funny, on Friday morning we were ahead, but within an hour, Nextbook was thirty votes ahead, and by day's end, one hundred votes. Huh?

Ah, well. It's no secret that aside from having my work at M-mv noticed (yes, even curmudgeonly and reclusive autodidacts like a little praise and acknowledgment now and again (*wry grin*)), all I really wanted was the book --- Case Histories.

(*heavy sigh*)

Enjoy a wonderful weekend filled with good books, good food, and good company.

Melissa at M-mv

Karin said...

I just learned of your blog this afternoon. Not only do I like this blog, but I am pleased to see a link to Doctors Without Borders as my father has volunteered to work with them several times. I've bookmarked this blog.