Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Anything nice I said about Helena recently, I take it back. The scamp woke up at 3 (!) and refused to go back to sleep. I am not happy about this development.

Further to yesterday's thoughts on the blending of the imaginary into the real world, you may wish to sample some other opinions. One poster indicated a paper in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. Abstract:
A number of emerging technologies including virtual reality, simulation rides, video conferencing, home theater, and high definition television are designed to provide media users with an illusion that a mediated experience is not mediated, a perception defined here as presence. Traditional media such as the telephone, radio, television, film, and many others offer a lesser degree of presence as well. This article examines the key concept of presence. It begins by noting practical and theoretical reasons for studying this concept. Six conceptualizations of presence found in a diverse set of literatures are identified and a detailed explication of the concept that incorporates these conceptualizations is presented. Existing research and speculation about the factors that encourage or discourage a sense of presence in media users as well as the physiological and psychological effects of presence are then outlined. Finally, suggestions concerning future systematic research about presence are presented.

Although the paper identifies and details many of the components of the immersive experience, the effects are only now making themselves known, and there is much room for study.

Although the official winners of the 2004 Best of Blog Awards have yet to be announced, it's a foregone conlusion, I'd say, that I will not be listed among them. I was proud of my steady middle-of-the-pack standing, but my grasp on that was slowly released. Heck, in the final days, even I voted for someone else.

The world, of course, is full of Salieris, and I am one of them.

"Mediocrities everywhere, I absolve you!"


Diana said...

I almost posted a comment on your entry about blending the imaginary with the real and how DQ fits into that... but I decided to give it more thought.

Then you post more thought-inducing links and commentary.

I'm gonna have to give up reading any other blogs in order to keep up over here. :P

Müzikdüde said...

After the last two days on your blog, (and the Shizophrenic's) I'm wondering if I'm really typing this comment or not. Then, when I see it posted on your site, I'll wonder if the commenter was, in fact, me.

Thanks for hooking me up.

As for BOB...was it real? I hung around 8th place but that was just because I started turning blog tricks. Otherwise, I would have held a solid 10th.

SC&A said...

I was wondering if you had any further thoughts on Film v gaming, etc.

The differential, small as it is, may be linked to the fact that online experience are fully interactive, wherea, film, tv, etc are essentially passive.

Still, that may be of limited mitigation. As I mentioned, we do know that advertising works- and that too, is passive.

As to Helena, might I suggest the following: Place her in front of the TV set and pop in a video of a sleeping child. Hey, you never know!

Miriam Jones said...

I voted for you.