Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Make it stop!

The daycare called Monday to let me know Helena had a rash. I was pretty sure it was the strawberry jam we had for breakfast. Tuesday morning was business as usual, but the daycare sent her home when they saw the rash was still there. Helena's not to return until she has doctor's certificate of clearance.

(We saw the doctor this morning. The "rash" is "nothing" — dry skin reacting to extreme cold. For those keeping track, she's 36 inches and 17 kilos. Yes, I know I'm mixing metric with imperial.)

I am so out of practice. The girl never stops. This is not the behaviour of a sick toddler (runny nose notwithstanding). Weekends have their own rhythm of laziness and groceries and visits. Right now, I'm exhausted.

Of course yesterday, I was to start a new work project. Ha ha.

Meanwhile, my wrists are on fire. The thing is, I don't believe in carpal tunnel syndrome. I thinks it's the most bogus disease ever. If I know you and I've actually sympathized with you over your debilitating condition — I was lying. Rest assured the gods have avenged you. I am afflicted. I am unable to turn faucets, open jars, squeeze sponges, or steer strollers. Every time I lift Helena or that brick called Don Quixote, I swear. Profusely.

Even that damn oversized coffee mug is taunting me — I want you, but the having of you pains me.

Hanging out with Helena does put a smile on my face. She says "ludicrous" and "stoopeed" and "that'snotsobad." When she puts her doll down for a nap, she gives her doll a doll. Since our trip to the Biodome, she still mutters about "manger les doigts" — J-F told her the piranha would eat her fingers, but it seems anything her fingertips graze is worth worrying about.

And the tea parties: "Viens, mes amis!" Les amis!

But exhausting.


Amber said...

My doctor pretty much agrees with you on the carpal tunnel thing... but I'm currently on medication for the tendonitis in both hands.

Diana said...

Oh, I am SO envious of her bilingualism. I always thought I'd try to speak French with my kids, but I just was never fluent enough. Speaking with toddlers doesn't allow time for, "Wait? Is it le or la?"

Sorry about your wrists. :(

Anonymous said...

Carpal tunnel is real! I had it when I was pregnant from retained water pressing on my nerves. It was gross on so many levels...

However, you may want to go to the Dr. and make sure that's what it is. Wrists aflame sounds like tendonitis, to me (me and my fictional medical degree, I mean). True carpal tunnel, I believe, based on my own experience, involves numbness and tingling at the end of fingers, since it's a nerve problem.

Tendonitis is curable, but you're going to have to rest.


Aussie Mama said...

My 14 year old's school sent her home as she had a mysterious rash on her legs, it was a rash from sitting on the grass, which I told them as soon as I arrived in the school office and saw it. They asked me for a second opinion anyway.

I felt tempted to go home, put on a new voice and pretend to be a doctor, just to taunt them on their absolute stupidity.