Thursday, January 13, 2005

Progress and setbacks

Of yesterday's list, I can with confidence say I have completed five and a half tasks (of 15). Although, I'm hesitant to consider sleep crossed off that list because I feel I have to do a little more of that. Also, even though I did clean the cat litter yesterday — in fact it was the first task I tackled — I did so again today, and likely will again tomorrow. Likewise the whole coffee/blogging/centering oneself thing. Somehow, it never ends.

Long story short: I've accomplished absolutely nothing of substance.

Today I bought books. None of the books I bought were on my list of books to buy.

Also, I started reading Amy Unbounded: Belondweg Blossoming. I felt very cool to be riding the metro reading my comic (can I say that? is that the PC terminology?). I even noticed two very young (relative to me) and cool (also relative to me) boys — separate instances — reading graphic novels and eyeing me, wondering what comic I was reading, thinking I was cool. Well, not uncool.

It was the kind of leisurely stupid day for which I almost felt guilty to be sending Helena to daycare.

Received phonecall of warning that Helena had been poked in the eye with foreign object at daycare. This was not a medical emergency, as it turned out, merely a warning that she looked hideous.

It turns out that her eyeball was not skewered, but her lower lid is severely scratched. Likely culprit: puzzle piece. They made us sign waivers.

We passed a couple in the street on the way to the car. The scarved woman was on her knees in the snow, sobbing. It took a second for me to realize we were just outside the immigration hearings site. Helena showed genuine concern on her face — "Elle pleure." (Are all children natural empaths?)

Other people have difficult lives.

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Suzanne said...

I think they are all little empaths.

My husband tells me that the Graphic Novel is quite popular in Montreal. (I know that it has always been esteemed here in Ontario: our own library has a section dedicated to it.)

Sorry to hear about Helena's injury.