Thursday, April 21, 2005

Heralding copyeditors

A few words about and an interview with copyeditors (via Bookninja).

Ringing true:
I work in fits and starts, bitch and moan to others in the business, toy with the idea of leaving everything just as it is, walk around the block when I find myself sarcastically reading passages aloud to myself. When the deadline looms close enough, I sit down and do what I'm being paid to do. You just do your best and wonder why you didn't make a career of grooming poodles or putting wheels on toy trains when you had the chance. And why you didn't have the business sense to whip out a piece of trash and sell it to a publisher for a huge advance.

Of course, the article was pretty much ruined for me about halfway, with the appearance of "CE's" instead of "CEs" (it's plural, not possessive!) throwing me into a fit.

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Diana said...

Oh, I HATE when people use an apostrophe for plurals. Just hate it.

I was looking at a blog earlier today where in the guy's profile he says that he is looking for a copyeditor position. And that he had a "self-depreciating" sense of humor. Then, to emphasize, he repeats that his humor is "self-depricating." Maybe, maybe I would have overlooked one misspelling (but while claiming to want a copyeditor job???), but to misspell it differently in the very next sentence?

Just thought I'd vent. Most people wouldn't care. :P