Friday, April 15, 2005

Parental film units

Ann Douglas wants to know about parents in the movies. (She's right — this is way more fun than doing my taxes!)

Meanest movie mom ever
Shelly Winters' character in Kubrick's Lolita is horrid. She is to be disliked vehemently, but while she has occasional mean ourbursts, she's more a pathetic figure than a bad mother per se.
So my nomination goes to Mrs. Bates of Psycho. If her son's impressions of her are any indication, she was nasty.

Meanest movie dad ever
Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Jack's pretty creepy to start with — I'd steer clear of him most days. But all work and no play makes Jack one mean and very scary dad.

Best movie mom ever
Juliette Binoche portrays the ultimate mom in Chocolat. Free-spirited and kind, she's a pillar of strength. She live "goodness" and shows that it is not necessarily synonymous with Church or Law. And she runs a chocolate shop — what kid wouldn't love that?
(I have a soft spot also for Duchess of the Aristocats. "We must concern ourselves with self-improvement.")

Best movie dad ever
Roberto Benigni in Life is Beautiful. Because.

Most nauseating movie mom ever
Most nauseating movie dad ever
I am uninspired to nominate anyone for these categories other than the Maria von Trapp and Mrs Doubtfire.

Really, I ought to get out more, or at least rent more movies with families in them (as opposed to aliens, monsters, and lost souls — though a case could be made that it's all the same...).

J-F wants me to nominate Gene Hackman of The Royal Tenenbaums, but for all his struggles in trying to redeem himself, I have trouble fitting him into a category.

As for the film character who most reminds me of myself, and why, that may have to wait for another post. I doubt she's a mom, and may not even be female.

Which movie mom are you?

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Anonymous said...

Meanest movie mom ever: Shelley Winters, but in a different movie -- A Patch of Blue. Cruel and vicious to her daughter (who she blinded by mistake as a small child). Can't imagine a worse one.

Best movie dad: Matthew (Richard Farnsworth) in Anne of Green Gables.