Tuesday, April 12, 2005

People of influence

Time magazine lists Alice Munro among this year's top 100 most influential people.

"She takes on huge swaths of time, with breathtaking skips and breaks and vision, while still writing about women, about Canadians, about the extraordinary nature of ordinary love," Time said.

"She creates characters of mythic resonance, big people with radical trajectories who speak a language rooted in the vernacular of rural mid-century Canada," the magazine added.

Also on the list in the Artists and Entertainers category are fellow authors Dave Eggers and Dan Brown, Art Spiegelman, and Johnny Depp (also voted one of the all-time most influential people in my dreams).

(Note too that Malcolm Gladwell and Karl Rove are Thinkers, while Michael Moore and Ann Coulter are Entertainers.)

I am surprised by the appearance of Cardinal Ratzinger on the list and suspicious of the timing.

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