Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Things I really need to do

Goals for the week, in no particular order, which I note here in order that I be reminded of them every time I am tempted to blog (and ultimately shamed into completing them):

1. Check all credit card balances and pay them off before it jeopardizes our mortgage approval.

2. Call a bunch of banks to track down where all my RRSPs are.

3. Watch Doctor Who tonight, and get over the fact that I missed the first 20 minutes of the first episode of the new series last week due to circumstances beyond my control.

4. Finish folding and putting away last week's laundry.

5. Do more laundry. And put it away pronto this time.

6. Edit, by Friday, at least two radiology journal articles.

7. Do my mom's taxes.

8. Do my taxes, and J-F's, though this being highly ambitious I will settle for getting all related papers organized and ready to go before the weekend.

9. Sort through and throw away most of the contents of all my very important file folders, certainly any statements dated from the last century.

10. Gather, wrap, and stash in one designated place those items intended as Christmas gifts for people we've been trying to visit but unable to since November.

11. Buy a condo.

12. Find a really nice-looking yet affordable slipcover with which to persuade J-F not to discard our not so terribly old but reasonably comfortable, severely cat-scratched sofa.

13. Cull my bookshelves. (Stay tuned for giveaways!) I can do this. Really.

14. Buy some good quality underwear. Because I want some, and I deserve it.

15. Submit a claim for eyeglasses. J-F and I both had been wanting new glasses. I hadn't had my eyes checked in about 5 years — remarkably, and for the first time in my ocular history, my prescription has not changed. Which means the increase in headaches must be due to stress, or the fact that I'm smoking a cigarette a day these days (due to stress) instead of the usual two on Saturday night, or sinus pressure as spring takes hold, or a brain tumour. Anyway, we picked up the new glasses, and they sure make me look smart (more so than usual!), and they make me feel sexy in a nerdy sort of way instead of just plain nerdy and unfashionably oh-so-last century.

16. Submit an estimate for further dental work required associated with the root canal I had last year.

17. Buy garbage bags. Today.

18. Clear all surfaces of papers. While I hadn't exactly done that before leaving to visit my mom, I had at least straightened up a couple piles of things to file, things to read before throwing away, etc, but J-F went ahead and tossed a flyer on one pile, so it's all messed up and I have to start all over again.

19. RSVP that sadly we will not be attending my cousin's wedding in Chicago at the beginning of May, what with buying a place and all and thus not really being able to afford the time or money at the moment, though I will wait until it is confirmed that we have a new home before doing so (we did make an official offer yesterday). Heck, even if the offer doesn't go through, we should be spending our time looking for a home, not drinking or sightseeing. So maybe I'll go ahead and RSVP right now.

20. Throw away my bottle collection. Even the funky bottle in which once was wine I purchased in Tunisia. And the ones shaped like cats.

21. Make another list regarding the order in which to tackle spring cleaning (that is, scrap all the crap in my life and start over) and packing.

22. Find Helena a spring jacket that fits.

23. Make certain all the recycling is deposited at the curb tomorrow morning. Important after a couple week's build-up. Also, set aside newspapers that can be used as packing material.

24. What on Earth are we going to have for dinner tonight?

25. Stop blogging. Now.


Mamacita (The REAL one) said...

I haven't done my taxes yet either. But hey, we've got till Friday!

Anonymous said...

YOU've got til Friday. Here in Canada, we've got til the end of the month!

Funny that the shortest entry -- "Buy condo" -- is also the heaviest. Dense words, there. It was exactly a year ago we were doing the same thing. It's hard, but SO nice when it's over. Kind of like having a baby.


Michele said...

Oh Isabella, a condo! I am so happy for you. I truly am....

You are parting with books? Will there be a period of mourning?