Tuesday, April 19, 2005

More tentacles than you can shake a stick at

Tasty octopus pulp!

Sea Devils #21, February 1965,
from DC Publications. "Arms to Spare" cover.
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More octupus art, links, and tidbits at Octopia.
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Octopus mama!
A heartwarming story of a mother who wouldn't give up on her eggs.

Last June, the octopus laid tens of thousands of eggs in her ALaska aquarium. It usually takes 6–8 months for eggs to hatch, but it seems to be taking longer because of the colder conditions.

They're hatching!

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Sadly, "Aurora's fate, though, is sealed. Giant Pacific females usually die about the same time as their eggs hatch, mostly because they stop eating for months and spend their energy defending their eggs."

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